North New Sellers Guide

New Sellers – How to Get Started

Go to this website.

Click on Create User Account.

  • Fill in all information following the formats required.
  • The information you provide will be the information we use to get into contact with you if needed and to also send your check at the end of the sale.
  • You will need to accept the terms and conditions in order to register.
  • Click on Create Account.
  • Remember that the User ID and password are case sensitive. Be sure to write down your User ID and password, you will need it for every sale.

Register to Sell:

  • If you are registering to sell, you will need to choose a seller number.
  • You may choose any number that you would like. You can click on seller number availability to see if the number is available or not.
  • Choose how you heard about us. If a friend has referred you, please type their name in here.
  • Click on Register Me.
  • Our Seller Contract will appear, please read and click I Accept.

Volunteer Only:

  • Choose how you heard about us.
  • Click Register Me As a Volunteer Only.

Once registered, you will click on Returning Sellers/Volunteers and login.

The program has the following options once you are logged in: Home, Enter Items, Print Tags, Manage Inventory, View Settlement, Volunteer, Check-In, Logout.

Home – Allows you to see all the options and our email, if you have any questions.

Enter Items – Here is where you will enter all your items that are for sale.

screenshot of tagging items

  • Price: Enter your price for the item (round to nearest dime please).
  • Discount: Check if you would like your item to be 50% off from 1:00 – 2:00 PM.
  • Donate: Check if you would like to donate your item if it does not sell. Items marked “Donate” will be marked “Discount”.
  • Size: Please choose the appropriate size from the drop down menu. If it does not have a size, please choose “Not Applicable”.
  • Description/Brand Name: Please include a short description or brand name.
  • Description: If you need to add more description to your item.
  • Category: Please choose the appropriate category from the drop down menu. There are many to choose from so keep scrolling until you find the right one.
  • Power Jagger: You may choose to create the same tag for multiple items. Just choose the number of items you want with the same information.

Click Add Items.

You will see all the items that you have entered below the Add Item(s) button. Please note: only items that you have entered in each session you are logged in will show up. You can click on an item and then choose to edit or remove that item is you need to make changes. Please be aware that the system will time out after 15 minutes of idle time, so be sure to save your work as you go.

How can I make the entering of items even more efficient?

  • Plan time to tag your items. It is more efficient if you tag many items at one time, because you will not be required to re-enter any of the fields (except price). All of the fields will remember the previous information except for the price. The efficiency comes in when you can tag for at least 15-30 minutes at a time. Also, the system logs you out if you are not active for 15-25 minutes, so you do not want to sort as you are tagging, because you could end up timing out.
  • Sort your items before you enter them by gender, then size. It will save you time in the end if you do this step up front.
  • Use tab button instead of mouse when moving from one field to the next. Click on Enter when complete.
  • Type your choices instead of choosing the field with your mouse. When using the drop down screens (price, size, and category), type the first number or letter of what you want to enter. Then continue to press the same number or letter until you find what you want. Then click the tab button and it will move you to the next field.
  • Description line hint: When you have repeat items, keep the description line generic and just adjust the price and hit Add Item. It is faster than typing each line every time. Be careful not to run your item descriptions to the very edge of the box or you may have to edit them later. Avoid using too many capital letters.

Print Tags –

screenshot printing tags

Here is where you can generate and print tags.

  • Choose the tags you would like to print by either selecting all or clicking on each items box to the left side that you would like to print.
  • After selecting all the tags you would like to print, click on Generate Tag(s).
    • You may click on do not mark my item(s) “Generated”. This will appear in the Tag Status column.
  • A PDF file will be created and open in a separate window.
  • You can either print the file once it opens or you may choose to save the file.
  • If you do not have a printer, you can choose to save the file on a jump drive and take it to a place such as OfficeMax to have them printed.
  • You can sort your tags by any column that you would like by pressing on the arrow next to the column heading.
  • Please print tags on cover stock paper.
  • For more information click on Click Here to View Instructions to Generate Your Tags Printout.

Manage Inventory

  • View Items – Go to the yellow box and select which items you want to view, select the correct Season/Year and click on Generate Items List.
  • Edit Your Items – Select the items you want to edit from the list just generated, either check all or each item that needs editing. You can mass edit many items at one time. (I.E. pretend you forgot to check the discount item box for 20 items. Fix all instead of one at a time.
    • Edit Functions: Mark Items (not) Sold, Mark Items (not) Printed, Mark Items (not) Discounted, Mark Items (do not) Donate, Remove Items, Edit Item, Edit Multiple Items.
  • Transfer Your Items to Another Season – TIP: You have to pull the items into the new sale.
    • make sure that you logged into the New Sale that you are wanting to sell with (NOT the old sale).
    • Generate the items from the old sale that you want to transfer.
    • Select the items you want to transfer.
    • Select the correct Season/Year where you want to transfer the items.
    • Click on Transfer Items to Consignment.
    • TIPS: In order to reuse items from a previous sale, you must transfer your old items into the new sale.

To transfer your items from the same sale but a previous season into the next season’s sale, repeat the steps above but you must log in from that sale’s separate website.

To transfer your items from a totally different sale into your new sale, repeat the steps above but you must log in from the mycm website.

  • Generate Your Projected Settlement Earnings Report – This tool is only a tool and does not guarantee any profits or that the sale report will be the same. This report is not connected to the final seller report from which your profits are calculated. It is simply a projection tool.
    • Select the items you want to view and enter the percentage you will make at this consignment sale (do not enter decimals).
    • Click on Generate Projected Settlement Report.
    • You can also use this report after your sale to show you all of your donated items and print the report for your taxes.
  • Reset Your Item Numbers Back to “1” – You only use this button when all of your sold items have been deleted and all of your other items have been donated or trashed. When all of your items are removed, then you can click on the Reset Item Numbers button and your item numbers will reset to zero. You will want to use this button when you want to start at item #1 for a new sale.
    • Resetting your item numbers – if you continue to use some of your existing tags, the system will continue with the item # from your last tag entered. For example, your first item may start at #101. This is acceptable and causes no issues with either your sale or your account. It is the only way to be able to use old items so that the tags will match the item in your account.
    • If you want to start over with #1 for this new sale, then you will have to remove all of your items from your entire account and click on the Reset Item Numbers button.
  • To View Your Final Settlement Report – Go to your Seller’s Home Page and view the table at the bottom of the screen. Click on View Settlement Report.
  • To Mark Your Items Sold – If you had items that were sold but the barcode on the tag was different from the one in your online inventory, then the item in your manage inventory will not be able to be marked sold. Thus you will need to manually mark it sold. The item will be in your view settlement and you will be paid, it simply could bot mark sold. To mark your item sold, you need to go to Manage Inventory and select the items you sold but were not in inventory and click on the button Mark Sold.

View Settlement – This will be available after the sale is complete.

Volunteer – Here is where you will sign up to volunteer at the sale.

screenshot volunteer sign up

  • Please take a look through all of the options. There are multiple pages of choices.
  • You can sort the different columns and choices by making a selection based on what you would like to sort by.
  • When you have found a time and job that works for you, please click on the box on the left hand side of the choice. You may choose two shifts (one Friday and one Saturday) if you would like to take advantage of the double shift volunteer advantages. Then click on Add Me to Selected Shifts.
  • If you need to make changes you can select the shift you signed up for and click on Remove Me From Selected Shifts.
  • After you “Add Me to Selected Shift(s)” a note will be added to the top of the screen sasying you have been added. It will also say “Click here to view your selected shift(s)”. When you click on it, your choice(s) will in bold at the top of the selections.

Check-In – We will not be using this feature.

Logout – Please click Logout when you are done.

If at any time, you have questions please email us at

Please remember that we are learning also and may need a little time to answer questions. However, with all the work that we have already done within the program, we feel that it is pretty easy to use and will greatly benefit our sale for everyone.