North Notes: November 22, 2021

Important Dates

Monday, November 22

  • No School
  • Parent Teacher Conferences | 1:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Tuesday, November 23

  • No School
  • Parent Teacher Conferences (Virtual) | 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Board of Education Meeting @ Sycamore Middle School | 7:00 PM

Wednesday, November 24

  • No School
  • Spartan Food Pantry Open @ District Warehouse | 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Thursday, November 25

  • No School 
  • Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 26

  • No School 

Full Calendar

Parent Teacher Conferences | November 22 and 23

Parent teacher conferences will be held from 1:00 to 8:00 PM on Monday, November 22 and from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Tuesday, November 23.

Spartan Food Pantry Open This Week — Holiday Meals Available!

The Spartan Food Pantry is excited to welcome guests to shop every other week on Wednesdays. On Wednesday, November 24, patrons can collect food at the District Warehouse on 520 N. Maple Street, Sycamore. Pantry patrons are in-person shopping! Please bring a mask. The pantry hours are 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM. The Pantry is open to any family that has a student attending a Sycamore School.  

The pantry offers frozen foods, fresh produce, cereal, canned goods, snacks, treats, and much more. Sycamore School District families can come to the pantry every time it is open. Park in the lot next to the warehouse, come on in the front door, and a volunteer will guide you from there.

Community members can now volunteer at the pantry! If you or your organization want to help out, please email for more information. 

We Need Your Help! Employment Opportunities

The school district is currently facing many challenges like every organization right now. We have shortages with staffing and supplies.  We are currently looking to fill immediate non-certified positions in the classroom and lunch recess settings. Additionally, we are looking to hire a new administrative assistant. If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact me or fill out the application on the District website at this link.

View Positions

Progress Reports

Your student’s first trimester progress report will be available in your Campus Parent Portal account on Friday, November 19. To access their progress report, please follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to your Campus Parent Portal account.  
  2. Click “documents” from the menu on the left. 
  3. Select the progress report you would like to view. Your student’s progress report will open in a PDF file. 

These steps are demonstrated in this video.

Market Day

Market Day is back!  We are so excited to be offering this service to our families again — with direct mail order service and profits for our school!  November specials can be found here. To register your own account click here for information. Our PTO appreciates the support.

Register for Market Day

View November Specials

School Year Reminders

  • Morning drop-off on Monday-Wednesday and Friday is 8:30 AM.  Supervision is not available before that time. Please try to send your student to school between 8:30 - 8:45 AM.
  • Each Thursday our school will have a late start. School begins at 9:30 AM, with drop-off beginning at 9:15 AM. Please send your student to school between 9:15 AM - 9:30 AM, as there is not outside supervision before that time.
  • All students should bring a water bottle. Our drinking fountains are turned off, but our bottle fillers remain on.
  • All students should wear a clean, well-fitted mask that covers their nose, mouth and chin, snug around the cheeks with no gaps. All masks should be multiple layers made up of two or more washable, breathable fabric. Spare masks in a backpack or left at school are important as masks may tear, get wet, or need to be replaced throughout the day.
  • If your child is feeling sick or if you have a person exhibiting COVID symptoms in your home, please do not send your child to school.   Call us for details on your next steps. 
  • Students arriving or departing school on a bike should remember to get off and walk it once on school grounds. This helps keep our other friends and guests safe as they walk to school or wait for their students for the evening.

Sycamore Youth Basketball League

We are very excited about the upcoming youth league season.  We enjoy watching the community come together to be a part of a fun basketball experience.  Below is all of the information you need to register for the league along with important dates.

  • Registration for the league will be 100% online this year. We will be using the district web store for registration. Please make sure to fill out one Google Form for each child you are registering to ensure that they are in our system.
  • St. Mary’s/Cornerstone/Homeschool students: Payment can be made online, even without a student ID already in the system.
  • Masks must be worn by students and spectators at all times while inside district buildings
  • We are always looking for volunteer coaches to help make the league successful. We will reach out to all families after registration closes asking volunteers.

Visit the Web Store

Registration Process

Thank you for making Sycamore Youth League a successful program! Please read carefully as we have made changes to the registration process.

Objective: To allow your child to have fun learning the game of basketball.


  • Registration - Online registration will be open November 1st - November 24th. All students must be registered by November 24th. No walk up registration.
  • Coaches - After registration closes on November 24th, we will email all families asking for volunteer coaches at each level.
  • December 4th  - Evaluation day. See evaluation schedule below.
    • Players will be put through a series of drills to help determine skill level in order to help create fair teams
    • Coaches will help evaluate players while they are going through drills
    • Parents will have a short meeting with the coordinators to go over expectations for the league and ask any questions they may have.
  • Week of December 6th - Coaches will meet with coordinators for rules/expectations/draft
  • Week of December 13th - All coaches will contact the players on their teams.  Release practice and game schedules
  • Week of January 10th  - Teams first practice
  • January 15th - Week 1 Games

Evaluation Scheduled for December 4th (SHS Field house)

  • 1st & 2nd Grade — 9:00-9:50 AM
  • 3rd & 4th Grade — 10:00-10:50 AM
  • 5th & 6th Grade — 11:00-11:50 AM

Teams: Teams will be selected through the evaluation process. No preference will be given to neighborhoods, elementary school, rideshare, individual request, etc. in order to attempt to most fairly balance each team.

Coaches: Parents are needed to volunteer to coach teams. A maximum of two coaches per team. You will coach your son/daughter.  

Practices: Each team will practice once a week for one hour at a local elementary school. No more than one practice per week will be allowed.

Games: Games will be played on Saturday morning starting January 15th at the Sycamore CUSD #427 Fieldhouse.  We will play 7 games this year, with no games Feb. 12th due to field house conflict.

Cost: $60 per player, payment made via the district web store. Scholarships are available. Please email coordinators to ask about scholarships.

Dan Wheeler

Drewe Davey

Cold Weather

Cool weather is here! As temperatures continue to drop, please be sure your children are dressed appropriately for the weather. When the temperature is 60° or below, all students are expected to wear a jacket. When the temperature is below 40° students should wear winter coats, hats and gloves. If students wish to play in the snow they must have on boots and snow pants.

Also, please note that students will go outside for recess unless the temperature and/or wind chill is below zero. If you need assistance with any winter gear, please contact the office. 

Daily Self-Certification

Please call the school office if your student is feeling ill, and be prepared to answer a few questions that will help us quickly and efficiently evaluate your child so that we can provide you information based on the latest recommended guidelines. It is imperative that if your student is experiencing ANY of the following symptoms, your student should stay home from school and any extracurricular activities outside the home.

  • Temperature of 100.4 (or greater) degrees fahrenheit/38 degrees Celsius;
  • Cough;
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing;
  • Chills;
  • Fatigue;
  • Muscle and body aches;
  • Moderate to severe headache;
  • Sore throat;
  • New loss of taste or smell;
  • Vomiting;
  • Diarrhea; or
  • Any other COVID-19 symptoms identified by the CDC or IDPH.

We know that things may look a little different this year and we are committed to keeping you informed on the changes that are taking place. Here is an overview of what your student can expect if they come to the Health Office with any of the symptoms listed above:

  • The student will be brought to the health office where the nurse or their designee will quickly evaluate the student’s condition. 
  • If it is determined that they are experiencing any COVID like symptoms the student will be escorted to a designated and supervised isolation area. 
  • The school Nurse will notify the parent/guardian and walk them through the process of what is required for the student to return to school. 
  • Sick students should be safely transported home by parent or guardian as soon as possible.
  • Siblings/household members of the symptomatic student may also be sent home.
  • Students will be expected to remain home from school and any extracurricular activities until cleared to return by the school nurse.

District Travel Guidelines

At this time, students will not need to be excluded after traveling (domestic or international). Individuals who have traveled should closely monitor symptoms for 14 days after arriving home. If symptoms develop, that individual should stay home and notify their school. It is recommended that those who travel internationally should test 3-5 days after returning.   


The Final Say — A Word From Mr. Franks

As people across our nation stop to give thanks this week, I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to thank all of our students, families, and staff. I’m so grateful for everyone working together to create a successful school experience for all.  

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving week!

Take care, stay well, and shine bright!

Mr. Franks