north-cleared-by-mb-7-14-16-1Our students come to us ready to focus on their world of learning. We as a staff continue to focus on fostering high academic expectations with caring support necessary to be successful. To meet the rigorous classroom experiences for our students within a safe, academic risk-taking environment, our North staff strives to creates a “home away from home” atmosphere where students are encouraged to problem solve, persevere and collaborate.

Mission Statement: North Stars are a Community of Confident, Collaborative Learners.

North School looks forward to the continued partnership between home, school, and the community we serve. We are fortunate to have a dedicated PTO that strives to provide a strong bridge between the parents, community and school.

It is important for us at North that students feel connected to their school, feel confident in themselves, and feel respected as an important part of our school and community. Each student is special, each student can make a difference, and each student has the right to discover and pursue their passions!